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Self Advocacy

Self Advocacy

It is our goal to help Individuals with disabilities understand the importance of self advocacy and make sure each person is comfortable speaking out to others. Self advocates are Individuals who stand up for themselves when it comes to any concern they may have. Self advocates use words to solve their problems. They learn how to speak up for themselves and work with others to make things better in their lives. As they become more self-confident, they help other people speak up too!

Self advocacy is all about you!  It’s about learning your rights. PrimeCare, Inc. offers the opportunity for you to join self advocacy groups which is a group of people who meet to discuss any concerns they may have, get feedback from others in the group, and learn to solve problems. Self advocacy is also about supporting each other and making new friends.

You can also invite special speakers to talk about topics that interest you.  Or you may want to discuss current events or educate others about the issues affecting people with disabilities. You can also participate in recreational activities and learn how to speak in front of others.

Being a self advocate means that your voice is heard!  You work to make your own life, as well as the lives of others, better. It may not be easy but it is worth it.